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Welcome to the Love Football Gambling video tutorial on how to open a bet365.com online betting account.

Press play to watch the video, you can enlarge it to fit your screen by pressing the rectangle button which is between the volume and arrow buttons at the bottom of the player. When you’ve finished viewing the LFG video tutorial press escape on (the top left of) your keyboard. The step by step guide is also laid out for you below the video should you need it.

Introduction: Linking to bet365.com

You can link through to Bet365.com using Love Football Gambling; click on the Bet365 link in the right hand column or via the LFG free bets page. You can also go directly to Bet365.com and click join now in the top right of the page.

Once you do this you’ll be taken to the first of 4 steps of the Open Account Form which you must fill out before opening your Bet365.com account.

Step 1: Personal Information

First check the title box then enter your first name followed by your initial and surname; remember if you’re going to deposit using credit or debit card these names must match the names on the card underneath you can put the name you prefer to be known as.

Next enter your date of birth, you must be over 18 to use Bet365.com’s services. Then put in a valid email address which you have access to, as this is where Bet365.com will send your confirmation email; which you must reply to before using your Bet365 account.

If you have a promotional voucher code enter it below then; enter your country by clicking on the arrow next to the box.

The last part of step one is entering your house number or name and your full postcode.

Step 2: Billing and Contact Details

Your street address should be filled in automatically on the next page, if not you can amend and confirm that you have or haven’t lived there for two years.

At the bottom of the page fill in your phone number, you can also put the make, model and your phone network should you wish to use Bet365’s mobile services.

Step 3: Account Preferences

At the top of the page your language should be set automatically, but you can change this by clicking on the arrow next to the box, next choose which time zone you’re in.

Then choose how you would like the odds on the site to be displayed, we at LFG prefer fractional odds as do most UK high street and online bookmakers, but there will be times when decimal odds are used, if you need help go to our explaining odds page in the LFG betting guide.

Then tell Bet365.com how you heard about them, if you open an account through us put internet advertising.

You will then be asked if you want to receive promotional offers from Bet365, you will also be asked to confirm that you’re over 18 and you may be asked at a later stage to verify your age by faxing or emailing copies of age verification documents such as a passport or driving license.

The last box is to confirm that you’ve read Bet365’s terms and conditions.

Step 4: Account Information

First put in a username, this is the name you’ll use to login and is the name you’ll be known by on any public games on Bet365.com. Then enter a password, this is the password you’ll use to gain access to your Bet365 account, so keep it safe. Your password will need to be at least 6 characters long and a maximum of 14 with no spaces. Then re-type the password below to make sure it’s correct.

Then enter a security number keep it safe as you may need to use it to verify your details when calling Bet365.

Finally you’ll be asked your Mother’s maiden name, this is her surname before she was married.


Your account is now open and you will have the choice to deposit now or later on the next page, your currency and method of payment will be chosen automatically if either of these are wrong you can change them by clicking the arrow next to the box. If you are ready to deposit you can put it in your card details at the bottom of the page you can set your daily betting limit should you need one.


The next page will confirm your payment type, just fill in your name as it appears on your card, once you have received your confirmation email and verified your age, should you need to, you can go to the bank and deposit funds. Remember your money can only be returned to the payment type you choose, so if you pay with a credit card then all withdrawals you make in the future will go to that credit card.

Good luck and happy betting, from lovefootballgambling.com

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