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Saturday 12th April 2014

Today I’m going with Stoke to beat Newcastle Southampton to beat Cardiff Everton to win away at Sunderland, and Spurs to get a narrow win at the Hawthornes that’s at just under 12/1 four fold with bet365


Saturday 5th April 2014

Today I’m going with Aston Villa v Fulham draw Cardiff to beat Palace and Manchester United to win away at Newcastle, that’s a just over 15/1 treble with bet365


Saturday 3rd November 2012

Today I’m going to lump 2 of my singles tips outsiders together for a nice 11/1 double with bet365 and that’s Hereford and Barnet

Adding the other singles tip to make Norwich, Hereford, Barnet for a 32/1 treble with bet365


Saturday 27th October 2012

This Saturday get on Stoke, Wigan, Notts County the treble pays out at just over 7/1 with bet365.


Tuesday 23rd October 2012

First tonight we have a 10/1 treble with bet365 and that’s BATE, Leicester, Cardiff

Then for a more risky treble we have Huddersfield, Barnsley v Crystal Palace DRAW, Bury v Hartlepool DRAW that pays out at just over 25/1 also with bet365.

If you are going to cover both those trebles, then you might as well put all six together as well for just over 268/1 with bet365.


Saturday 20th October 2012

If you’re looking for a big footy accumulator today then back the LFG singles tips for 539/1 with bet365 so that’s Fulham, Wigan, Southampton, Man United v Stoke DRAW West Brom v Man City DRAW That increases to 2700/1 if you add the Liverpool v Reading DRAW


Sunday 13th October 2012

First the singles tips as a couple of lines, get on Tranmere, Stevenage, Sheff U v Oldham DRAW, Chesterfield the four timer pays out at just over 25/1 with bet365.

Then leave Stevenage out to leave Tranmere, Sheff U v Oldham DRAW, Chesterfield for a 10/1 treble with bet365.

Next go for Leyton Orient, Notts County, Hartlepool, Portsmouth, Swindon that 5-fold pays out at just under 123/1 with bet365 and if you add the Sheff U Oldham DRAW into it you’ll bump that up to 469/1.


Sunday 7th October 2012

The LFG Accumulator finally came in yesterday we got the 4-fold and the Lucky 15. Shame we didn’t stick to the LFG Football Betting Tiip of Swansea Reading DRAW, if we had we would have got the 5-fold as well and the Lucky 31, as it turned out we got 4 out of 5 for the lucky 31 so still turning a profit on that bet.

Today we’ll go for another 4-fold and a Lucky 15 Southampton v Fulham DRAW Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle v Manchester United DRAW at just over 26/1 with bet365.

Then the double draw Southampton v Fulham DRAW Newcastle v Man U DRAW at just under 12/1 with bet365 .

Then spare a couple of quid for the upset Villa and Southampton at 17/1 with bet365 .


Saturday 6th October 2012

It has been a rough road for the LFG Football Accumulator Tips page, the LFG Football Betting Tips page is disappearing into the distance with winning tips, so this week we’re determined to catch up!

Right first up is a Premiership 5-fold which you should also back as a lucky 31 get on Manchester City, Chelsea, Swansea, West Brom and Arsenal which pays out at 9.6/1 as a five-foldwith bet365 .

I think a safer bet is to remove Swansea as that could go either way so Manchester City, Chelsea, West Brom and Arsenal pay out at just over 4/1 with bet365 also back as a lucky 15


Tuesday 2nd October 2012

Go for Cluj and Barnsley v Peterborough DRAW a 21/1 double with bet365

Then check out BATE v Bayern DRAW and Juventus a 7/1 double also with bet365.

Then stick them all together Cluj, Barnsley v Peterborough DRAW, BATE v Bayern DRAW and Juventus which makes a juicy 188/1 four-fold with bet365.


Saturday 29th September 2012

We’re licking our accumulator wounds at LFG today, we keep missing accas but hitting the singles, so go to LFG Football Betting Tips and take from that what you will! Good luck peeps.


Wednesday 26th September 2012

If you’ve followed all of the LFG Football Betting Tips this season you’ll be showing a nice profit; assuming you backed them with equal amounts. Alas, the same can’t be said for the LFG Football Accumulator Tips as we haven’t landed one yet, lots of 3 out of 4s and 2 from 3, but in betting terms that’s worth less than a John Terry England shirt.

So we’re really looking to pull it out of the bag this week, get on Doncaster Rovers on the Asian Handicap QPR and West Bromwich Albion for a slightly over 8/1 treble with bet365

Then pull Doncaster out of that and just keep QPR and West Brom for a slightly under 4/1 double


Saturday 22nd September 2012

Wigan v Fulham DRAW Hartlepool v Shrewsbury DRAW a 9.7/1 double with bet365. Add Blackpool to that for a 16.8/1 treble.


Wednesday 19th September 2012

First up we have Chelsea, Leicester, Ipswich at just over 8/1 with bet365

Then Leicester Sheffield Wednesday for a 3/1 double with bet365

Then Bayern Munich, Celtic v Benfica DRAW, Lille v BATE DRAW for a 17/1 treble with bet365


Tuesday 18th September 2012

First up we have the LFG singles treble of Blackpool, Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest DRAW and Malaga v Zenit St Petersburg DRAW at 17.24/1 with bet365.

Next a 45/1 treble with bet365, Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest DRAW Arsenal and Manchester City

Lastly a reach for the stars 5-fold Birmingham, Blackburn, Leeds, Dagenham & Redbridge, Olympiakos v Schalke DRAW which works out at just over 58/1 with bet365.


Saturday 15h September 2012

Today it’s quite simple we have one treble Nottingham Forest, Yeovil and Notts County which is just over 23/1 with bet365. If you want to find out the reasoning behind the treble go to Football Betting Tips.


Tuesday 11th September 2012

As I’ve iterated on the Football Betting Tips page Peru often surprise teams due to the height and therefore lack of oxygen at their home ground in Lima, in fact the Peru F.A have been known to schedule games at a smaller stadium simply because it has an extra few hundred metres in height on their main one.

So they’ll either be the team that beef’s up your accumulator nicely or ruins it completely. So add Peru, Holland and Scotland v Macedonia DRAW for a 31/1 treble with bet365.

Next I’m going for a five-fold of Cyprus, Norway, Serbia, Belgium, England at 21/1 with bet365


Saturday 8th September 2012

Please go to Football Betting Tips for the LFG accumulator today, thanks and good luck!


Saturday 1st September 2012

First up I have to tip my 3 singles tips an accumulator as they’ve all got a chance of coming in and they’re quite juicy odds. Newcastle, West Brom, Blackpool will pay out at just over 15/1 with bet365.

I’d be tempted to add Notts County to make a four-fold which is worth 34/1 also with bet365. But I’d be most tempted to make that four-fold into a Lucky 15, which covers you should 1 or 2 lose.


Wednesday 29th August 2012

I’m fast reverting to my position that accumulators are a waste of time and money, but now and again the big one will come in; so if you’re a glutton for punishment listen up for the LFG football accumulator tips.

Dynamo Kiev Cluj and Fenerbahce make up an almost 9/1 treble with bet365.

Add Celtic to that for a 13.85/1 four-fold with bet365 if you add Lille to that you’ll get the best part of 20/1 also with bet365.

Try taking Fernebahce out of the equation for a 13/1 home four fold also with bet365.


Saturday 25th August 2012

OK today we’ve got a number of bets and a couple of different combinations for you, take what you will.

First off Doncaster Rovers of League One look good value to beat Crawley Town at home, they’re 13/10 with bet365 add to that Blackpool at evens for a 3.6/1 double with bet365.

Then if your Friday night went with a bang and you can’t remember much but you’re feeling gung-ho and fancy free, you might want to add to that the Middlesbrough Crystal Palace DRAW at 5/2 with bet365 and that turns your 3.6/1 double into a just over 15/1 trixie.

Maybe you’re feeling luckier than an 80 year old who’s just married a bisexual, nymphomaniac 20 year old, so you’re going to go mad and add West Brom at 5/1 to beat Tottenham and turn your 15/1 trixie into a juicy 95.5/1 4-fold

I like these but one always let’s you down so try combining a couple of different doubles as well as the above suggestions.

Don’t forget to follow us @lovefootballgam on twitter and tell us how you’re doing!


Wednesday 22nd August 2012

3 out of 4 of the LFG accumulator came in yesterday, unfortunately Watford let us down, which we should have picked up on, seeing as theirs was the weakest of day 1 wins.

Tonight not much around but I’m going for the 3 Bs of BATE at 17/20, Braga and Blackburn at evens with bet365

I think that Blackburn are the weakest of those 3 so you might want to make it a double or you might just throw caution to the wind and go for it!


2nd Week English Championship Accumulators

Early season accumulators are fraught with danger, a good accumulator should have its fair share of form teams, however with just one game to go on form is all but impossible to read. That said if you’re an accumulator junkie and you can’t help reaching for the stars, then let LFG serve you up with some of the good stuff.

Good opening day away wins are as good as reason as any to back a team, that’s why I’m going for Watford to beat Ipswich tonight at 6/5 with bet365

Next I’m picking Blackpool to beat Leeds at 11/10 also with bet365

Next I’m going for the Npower League One club Notts County to beat Hartlepool at 8/11 with bet365. Finally down in League 2 the last LFG accumulator tip is Oxford to beat Southend at 13/10 with bet365

This nice little 4 timer pays out at 17.35/1 with bet365, that’s 173 GBP for every 10 pounds wagered, good luck and happy gambling.


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