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Welcome to the Love Football Gambling video tutorial on how to open an 888sport.com online betting account.

Press play to watch the video, you can enlarge it to fit your screen by pressing the rectangle button which is between the volume and arrow buttons at the bottom of the player. When you’ve finished viewing the LFG video tutorial press escape on (the top left of) your keyboard. The step by step guide is also laid out for you below the video should you need it.

Step 1: Linking to 888sport.com

You can link through to 888sport.com using Love Football Gambling; click on the 888sport link in the right hand column or via the LFG free bets page. You can also go directly to 888sport.com and open an account by clicking on the join now button or the play button.

Step 2: Personal Information

Once you do this you’ll be taken to the Registration Form which you must fill out before opening your 888sport.com account.

At the top of the page you will need to enter your personal details, but first you’ll be asked to enter a username, this is the name you’ll be known by on all 888sport.com games. Enter your first name followed by your surname; remember if you’re going to deposit using credit or debit card these names must match the names on the card.

Next enter a valid email address, then your date of birth and your gender.

Your country will be set automatically, but can be changed if need be by clicking on the arrow next to the box.

Then add your address, starting with your city, street and full postcode, once you’ve entered your phone number, scroll down to see the bottom half of the form.

Step 3: Account Information

It’s now time to choose a password, your password must be exactly 8 characters long, using letters and or numbers and it must be different from your username.

Once you’ve verified your password you’ll be asked to choose a security question, you can choose one from 4, make sure you know the answer instantly, as this is the question that will be asked of you should you lose your login details.

Then choose your currency from one of the five on offer.

You will then be asked to copy a verification code.

Next verify that you’re over 18, you must be over 18 to use 888sport.com’s services.

Then press the submit button, congratulations, your 888sport.com account is now complete, you should see confirmation of your username and password on the next page.

Press continue, then close down the registration form to reveal the cashier.

You will notice along the bottom the various ways in which 888sport allow you to deposit funds into your account.

Your username will automatically be filled in, just fill in your password and copy the verification code, then hit the login button.

Step 4: Deposit

Fill in the amount you want to deposit and choose the method with which you want to fund your account.

Remember your money can only be returned to the payment type you choose, so if you pay with a credit card then all withdrawals you make in the future will go to that credit card.

However, should you wish to, you can add or change the payment type you use at a later stage.

Your name and billing address will be filled out automatically, all that’s left is to put in your card details.

Once you’ve done that hit the submit button and you’ll see confirmation of your deposit along with a confirmation number and notification of your confirmation email, if you need to change your email address, enter a new one and hit update.

Once you’ve answered your confirmation email, you’re ready to use 888sport.com’s services.

Good luck and happy betting, from lovefootballgambling.com

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