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Diary Of A Football Trader

I heard of a way of almost guaranteeing making profit on Betfair.com which involves laying a bet before the match started and then backing that same bet once it had kicked off.

I liked the sound of guaranteed profits so I decided to look into it and keep a diary of my progress, below you can click on the dates and follow my adventures as a football trader and hopefully you too can recreate what I have and rake in the profits.


Wednesday 21st August 2012

Tonight was one of those nights that you just love as a football trader, Blackburn Rovers were playing Hull City at home and even though there had only been 2 games in the Championship before tonight I had a pretty strong feeling that it’d be a tight draw or Blackburn just edging it.

That is the perfect circumstance for a 0-0 lay back so I backed the 0-0 at 12.5 for £10, lining up a potential profit of £115.

The game started and I was extremely pleased to see that the odds had dropped down to 9.8 after less than 10 minutes, such a dramatic drop indicated that the game was going the right way.

The exit strategy had been to back out at 3.5 or 60 minutes which ever came first, I use this strategy because by and large, in games such as these an hour without a goal is fairly common.

I have to point out here that I wasn’t actually watching the game, which explains my actions at half time, which was to back out at 4.0, I figured that it was so close to 3.5 that I was happy to take the money and run.

So it was a simple lay of £30 for a £31 profit for 0-0 or £20 for any other score. Of course it ended up 1-0 with a 77th minute Blackburn goal and I netted £20, nice.

Thursday night looks like a European quagmire filled with minnows trying to take on piranhas, not sure what I’m going to go if anything, though I’m thinking of laying back the 0-0 for a much weakened Newcastle side.


Tuesday 21st August 2012

OK so tonight wasn’t that great, I picked Celtic to lay back as they don’t travel that well and Helsinborg had played 5 games of their season compared to the 2 of Celtic.

Unfortunately Celtic conspired against me and scored in the first 2 minutes! Arrrggghhh!!! Never mind, I knee jerked and switched my lay to Lille who were my 2nd choice for a 60 minute lay back.

I backed Celtic at 1.51 which lessened my liability on Celtic to £28.65 down from £56.70. The draw or Helsingborg was down to £20 liability, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen.

So on to the Lille game, I came in on a 2.28 lay for Lille for £40 giving me a liability of £51.20. This wasn’t ideal as I was on a total of around £80 liability, so you can imagine how I felt when Lille missed a penalty; I very nearly backed out for a tiny profit on that game, but an overall loss for the night.

I soldiered on and was rewarded when Lille went 1-0 down, hooray!! I took the 6.5 a short while later and got my green book for £18.40 if Lille won and £28 if they didn’t.

They duly went on to lose 1-0 and I ended up 65 pence down on the night, not bad for a disaster start.


Monday 20th August 2012

Early season form is tough to call, you’re never quite sure which teams are going to come back from their holidays fired up and ready to go. But I decided to stick my neck out and give a betfair tip on the Football Betting Tips page.

But as sure as eggs is eggs, Manchester United tend to start the season slowly and finish strongly, especially when they’ve got a tough start against traditional strong starters Everton.

So our original lay on Manchester United was £50 at odds of 2.02, just over evens; giving us a liability of £51, then Everton went 1-0 up and around 15 minutes later when the clock hit 70 minutes, we backed Manchester United with £8 at odds of 12.5 giving us a profit of £38.95 if Man United won or £39.90 if Everton or the draw came in. Of course Everton held out and netted us £39.90 nice!


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